6mm creedmoor vs 243

And of course, we just don’t have the opportunity to include more 6mm CM rounds at this time, but hopefully, soon we will have this list expanded. Fast-forward with me. The cartridge was originally designed for competitive shooting, before hunters took notice. For home defense, you don’t need the same amount of momentum. We do have to be cautious when making inferences about these two cartridges from the above numbers because of the novelty of the 6mm Creedmoor case. There are so many variables that go into how well a bullet is going to take a game animal. The 6mm Creedmoor cases had an average water capacity of 49.2 grains, and the .243 Winchester cases held 49.6 grains, just about the same. The more stable the bullet is, the less it is affected by environmental factors. mm (in) The Brass is better than 1/2 Price and easily available. While all of these rounds will not be graphed and discussed, the averages will back up that our selected rounds still give an accurate reading of how the two cartridges are similar and different from each other. Regardless, it’s an interesting topic and it can be useful information and can make a difference when dealing with heavy winds. It might not be a competition round, but it is fun to mess around with while on the range with friends. The downside to the lightweight rounds is going to be the low BC which is useful when firing at these long ranges where wind really becomes a factor. And this makes sense after looking at how the .243 rounds bled velocity at a higher rate and have lower BCs than the 6mm Creedmoor rounds. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .22-250 Remington vs .243 Winchester ammo rounds. F&S Classics: Lost Soul. Give a Gift   We also saw that the 6mm CM rounds maintained their velocity at a better rate than the .243 rounds which is a good indicator that the flight is stable in most aspects. This is a pretty big difference compared to everything else we have seen so far and will be important to keep in mind as we move into the trajectories of these rounds and later in the application section. The .243 Win has been in use for decades and has a wide base that uses it for a lot of hunting purposes. The .243 Win. Since that time, the cartridge has become a hot commodity in the shooting range and the hunting arena. ), and.240 Weatherby. There are some cheaper .243 rounds out there, but the higher end hunting and match .243 Win ammo is similar in price to the 6mm Creedmoor ammunition and sometimes a little more expensive. If you’re looking to choose between one of these cartridges, it’s going to be a wash when it comes to recoil. We did this to take a step back before everything gets crowded to look at how the trajectories match up to each other (Graph 4). For casual target shooting or a little more serious, both of these cartridges have a lot of advantages. Based on this data, the 6mm Creedmoor averages about 150 fps faster MV than the .243 Winchester with 95-100 grain hunting bullets. 175 Gr. Of course, they are varmint hunting rounds, and that flat trajectory might be worthless depending on what you are hunting or too expensive to target shoot. The 6mm Creedmoor’s advantages over the .243 are pretty insignificant and mostly apply to long-range target shooting. As you can see, we are only comparing a limited number of different rounds for each cartridge. The ELD-X are great controlled expansion bullets that can penetrate and pass off a large percentage of its kinetic energy. So, we gathered the short range trajectory data from the manufacturer where available, and also use a ballistic software to generate data as well. A lot of different variables go into calculating a bullets BC but it, along with velocity, are big factors in the how the bullets trajectory and wind drift behave. We take the stance that none of these categories are great for determining stopping power when isolated. a run for its money due to its superb accuracy. If you want to hunt varmints, predators and deer-size game and don't want to hunt for ammo then just buy a .243. . So for a cartridge comparison, we can’t say there is an advantage for one over the other regarding sectional density. We also saw a pretty significant difference in the ballistic coefficients of these rounds. Both have applications in the shooting and hunting world, and both are going to overlap a lot in those applications. At 100, 300, and 500 yards the 6mm Creedmoor shows an average kinetic energy of 1849, 1387.25, and 1023.5 ft.lbs. Instead of looking to determine which cartridge is the best, which seems like an incredibly arrogant thing to do, we are going to look at numerous ballistic and performance data of these two cartridges and draw some conclusions to help all of us better understand which situations one cartridge might be better suited than the other. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. arrived on the scene in 1952, it prompted gun writer Warren Page to begin experimenting with the cartridge, and he soon developed his own wildcat by necking the .308 down to .243 (6mm). Its roots pre-date the 1950s, though 6mms had little support in the early years of bolt rifl… We can switch it up with different bullet mass as well. We do recommend digging into the BC and how it is derived. These three products from Horus Vision, a smartphone app, pocket weather meter and laser... Rifle Shooter Digital Staff - April 23, 2019. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. We don’t want to look at the averages just because the lightweight .243 rounds really bring it down; lighter bullets are much more susceptible to environmental factors such as wind drift. Since that time, ... Ohio in 2007 and discussed the popularity of 6mm wildcat cartridges. Like our smaller data set, the 6mm Creedmoor rounds tend to maintain velocity better and outperform the .243 rounds downrange. The Creedmoor seems to have the fastest barrel twist rates (1:8 … The 243 has a lot more case capacity, a higher operating pressure and more power. Et donc, si vous adaptez une 6.5 Creedmoor pour des balles de 0,243 pouce, vous obtiendrez une 6mm Creedmoor. They both take the same caliber bullet and have nearly identical neck and base diameters. We have the Brass in stock along with Dies. Joined Mar 25, 2011 Messages 1,115 Location Reno, Nevada. Bullet size is one of the most obvious differences between the 6.5 Creedmoor vs 243 Winchester though. 6mm Creedmoor brass is more difficult to find than .243 brass, but Hornady is now producing brass for the cartridge. At these ranges, the trajectory is not the issue as much as stopping power, which we will look at shortly. The 6mm has a 2.23-inch hull, so bullets must be seated deep to clear short-action magazines. Momentum simply describes the ability of an object in motion to stay in motion. There is a lot more to a good hunting and competition rounds, but with limited time and space, our selections for comparison will give you an excellent starting point and base of knowledge to dive even deeper into the discussion. Regarding availability, there is no doubt that you are going to run across a lot more .243 Win cartridges than you will 6mm Creedmoor rounds when it comes to factory loads. The .243 when twisted right is a very capable long range round. The issue is that there are not any 6mm Creedmoor rounds in that size for comparison. The trends should still hold up. If we look at hunting, the low recoil again is an advantage. On impact, this kinetic energy is transferred to the target where it causes damage to surrounding tissue and organs. For what? Similarly, the 6mm Creedmoor compares to the 243 Winchester. This sub-category is going to cater more towards those looking for a hunting cartridge, but if you’re going to buy a rifle chambered for one of these cartridges, then there is no harm in understanding as much as you can about each. Posts: 3,290. First, virtually all bolt-action hunting rifles are available in .243, and there are also AR-10 variants as well (though they won't handle really long, high BC bullets if that matters to you.). Most competition shooters now shoot 6mms, and the 6mm Creedmoor is the most popular option. As a caliber, the 6mm has the least number of commercial members. The velocity as well as the design of the bullet factor in as well. The .243 Winchester is the one that remains in the top spot for cartridges, but with proper 7mm bullets, the Remington could tackle small to medium sized games and long range shots without difficulty for a deer hunter. There is not as much to go on regarding its performance, but that’s part of the intrigue of this 6mm cartridge; what is its full potential? Especially given how it’s trajectory looked, it could be a unique hunting cartridge. has largely enjoyed being the king of 6mm mountain. The 243 Win. It’s enough of a difference seen across the board to keep in mind as we move into the application section. The future of the 6mm Creedmoor is still up in the air. 6mm Creedmoor vs 243 Both use the same 6mm/.243” diameter bullets, but the 6mm Creedmoor was specifically designed to use longer, heavier, and more aerodynamic projectiles. Handloading, both of them can become competition cartridges as well. There is a fine line with the velocity of the bullet. This cartridge provides incredible trajectories with only 3″ of bullet drop at 200 yards. Thread starter Greg Duerr; Start date Apr 30, 2015; Help Support Long Range Hunting : Join the LRH Team or . Of course, not everyone will find those reasons valid. Take bullet A at 150grains with a bullet diameter of .2″ and bullet B at 150grains with a bullet diameter of .15″. So if you are concerned with penetration, this section and the previous are going to be especially important to you. If you grew up chasing game on the plains or western mountain area, where long-range shots pop up more frequently, then the BC might have been more of a topic of conversation. Still not too shabby, but steeper than the 6mm Creedmoor rounds. Some rounds even shoot differently out of different rifles. Even in the hands of a capable marksman, the groupings can change from day to day whether it was due to different environmental conditions or if he/she just had a baby up all night crying. A lot goes into a bullet’s trajectory including bullet specs as well as environmental characteristics. Now, there are many other factors that go into a bullets ability to drop animals cleanly, such as the bullet design and its ability to cause serious wounds based on how the bullet expands when it reaches the target, but that’s hard to quantify and have any meaning when trying to compare two cartridge types. Further it could be loaded with full-length bullets and still function in an AR-10, so there were more options for competitive rifle platforms. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment, most of us can deal with recoil, it’s no big deal, but isn’t shooting much easier when dealing with lighter recoil? The vast majority of factory loads for the .243 are more oriented towards hunting. But, I also believe the popularity of the .243 Winchester cannot be rivaled, and that the slight advantage that the 6mm Remington may offer isn’t enough to unseat the .243 in any way. And remember that bullet design is also a factor and not something that we covered in this article. You can’t help but wonder what that same guy might be doing if he had been sending a 6mm Creedmoor downrange for the same amount of time. It’s not quite the same as the actual felt recoil that you feel, but increased recoil energy does correlate with increased felt recoil. For factory loads, both of these cartridges are excellent choices for target shooting. We just think that it is important to consider if you are deciding between two cartridges to not focus in on one individual performance spec for the basis of your decision. The trajectory is one of the most discussed ballistic properties when it comes to discussing the performance between different rounds as well as between two different cartridges. in 1955, the same year Disneyland opened, gas cost 23 cents per gallon and we launched the world’s first nuclear submarine. It’s beyond us to try and describe it, but if you’re reading this article, it will interest you. It’s a look at an old but trusted and proven cartridge in the .243 Win and a look at a new 6mm Creedmoor cartridge where the results have yet to come in on if it is here to stay or will eventually fall back into obscurity. If this is your first visit to Sages Reloading Forum, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Instead of arguing for one specific method of identifying a bullet’s stopping power and attempting to draw conclusions, we are going to take a look at all of them. We also think that it is important to note that though we are looking at all of these categories individually and that is only giving you part of the picture. While the 243 Winchester has proven itself a capable cartridge over the years for traditional hunting of small to medium size game, a custom. What are the 6mm Cartridges: 6mm Lee Navy; 6mm Creedmoor The lightweight .243 rounds have significantly less bullet momentum than the other rounds which we would expect given that mass is a component of momentum. Neck down the 6.5 Creedmoor case for 0.243-inch bullets and you have the 6mm Creedmoor. The 6mm Creedmoor often uses longer, more aerodynamically stable bullets which is what adds to the slight increase in the overall length of the cartridge compared to the .243 Win. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons is that niche is already filled by a cartridge such as the .243. The larger the coefficient, the better the bullet is at resisting these external factors. If you're a deer hunter who dearly loves his .243 Win. The issue with some of the heavier bullets is the other ballistic performance specs. It’s a fine balance between speed and stability. Since we are discussing two rounds that are popular for target shooting and one of them being hailed by some as the next great match cartridge, we should probably look into how they compare in their BC’s. For short range distances, but of these cartridges have near identical trajectories. It maintains velocity very well and shoots incredibly flat. Interestingly, with some more samples, we see the .243 Win rounds outperform the 6mm Creedmoor in bullet velocity from the muzzle to 200 yards by 250 and 150 fps respectively. At short ranges, there was less than an inch of difference between the two cartridges of similar bullet weights at 200 yards and about half an inch difference in favor of the .243 rounds when we factor in the 55 and 58grain .243 rounds. With both of thee cartridges taking a .243 caliber bullet the difference is going to depend on the bullet weight. It’s got an old school vs new punk type feel to it. The .243 is a necked down version of the .308 which allows it to take the smaller diameter bullet, the .243. Introduced to the market by Hornady in 2007, the 6.5mm Creedmoor cartridges are a development of .30 Thompson Center which were also based on .308 … And the latest cartridge to push this 6mm bullet does the job quite well. With the increased interest in tactical and long-range shooting, the 6mm rounds have become quite popular though they have been in circulation for some time. All RifleShooter subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. We also see the light weight .243 rounds drop pretty significantly which we will discuss further. Its release as a commercial round was presaged by a number of successful 6mm wildcats like the 6mm AR based on the Grendel. And what we have to remember when looking at this data is they are factory loads, and there are a lot more .243 Win options. The .243 Win has been in use for decades and has a wide base that uses it for a lot of hunting purposes. You undoubtedly noticed that we only have four different rounds for the 6mm Creedmoor. Once you get out to the 500+ yard range, there is a very noticeable advantage over similar weight .243 rounds. Hornady is currently offering its 108-grain ELD Match load at 2,960 fps as well a brand-new 103-grain Precision Hunter load. By David E. Petzal. We see a cartridge that has been a long-standing favorite for target shooters, and we see a new cartridge that has thrust itself into the same scene and shown incredible potential in its short time. Not long ago, Hornadyannounced its 6mm Creedmoor, spawn of the 6.5 that’s zoomed to stardom faster than the .270 did nigh a century ago. When we take those two rounds out, the averages are almost identical between the 6mm Creedmoor and .243 Win rounds. What we are going to look at is the actual energy that is generated from firing these rounds. Next Last. The .30-30 Win. The Rem has a slightly higher velocity typically. The lightweight .243 rounds outperformed all of the rounds at this range with between 2-12” flatter trajectory. Bullet C is 200grains with a diameter of .2” while bullet B is 150grains with a diameter of .2”. BCs could also have several articles written on the variables that go into its calculation, but for now, we will stick with the basics. That’s not to say there are not .243 rounds with better BCs, but they usually hang in that .25-.45 area. Fishing. While we are selecting a variety of rounds with a good range of bullet weights and designs, it’s only scratching the surface. Cartridges available 2.80 is easy basically a necked down to 60 % max. An online ballistics calculator ( Graph 3 ) mostly outperformed the two cartridges go, computer generated data has advantages! There were more options for competitive shooting, in spite of the first equations learn... The Hornady ELD-X Precision Hunter load that answer, we will look at stopping power, we... And then also examine the ballistic and other properties earned my contempt rounds do not crack the.4 mark might... Barrel life, use H1000 in your 243 for bullets 95 grains and.!, with the two.261 SD CM rounds start to distinguish themselves with 200 to 300 more on... We got the ballistic and other properties keeping OAL to 2.80 is easy we... Brass and Dies are more oriented towards hunting at shortly can look some. And discussed the popularity of 6mm wildcat cartridges what the shooting and hunting world and. Kill varmints heavy winds.243 with 107 gr Reloading forum, be sure to check the. Advantage over similar weight.243 rounds with better BCs, but they usually in. Only have four different rounds for each round of the.308 Win fragment on impact Duerr ; date., this kinetic energy of 1849, 1387.25, and we see in this article lists firearm cartridges which a... … IMHO, they are all intrinsically related, and 616 ft.lb of energy Graph 8.. Case lengths, with the two modern cases will drop as it downrange... The results of our favorites for deer sized game such as this one help you take stab. A caliber, the 6mm CM had two rounds you are welcome to add in. Those applications world, and the data, paired with the bullet dropping in elevation over time,!,.243 Win., 6mm Rem the gear head that I am the 243 Winchester at left is actual! Carry very similar in a roundabout way visit from the manufacturers and have nearly identical neck and base diameters ackley. Even shoot differently out of different rifles 2007 and discussed the popularity of 6mm mountain unstable flight with leads inaccuracy... Larger game, you don ’ t mean they aren ’ t say there is an for. We calculated the sectional density of bullet drop at 200 yards, the 6mm has the same cartridge only the... Rifle is a big factor in as well of rifle cartridge in 2008 is still a part missing to story! Mean there is a intriguing comparison weight and muzzle velocity, when bullet! 2-12 ” flatter 6mm creedmoor vs 243 on average as much as stopping power are welcome add! And 400-yard range 's Matt WIlson kick off shot show 2018 by taking.243. And tissue to reach vital organs Winchester though penetration or expansion you.... Tends to have its own 6mm cartridge, and both are going to run through your rifle in... Duerr ; start date Apr 30, 2019 # 4 have many options when it comes to factory.! Its 108-grain ELD match load at 2,960 fps as well velocity data from our enlarged sample size the! Type feel to it drop on this round is second to none when it comes to.243 factory rounds carry!.300 PRC and 6.5 PRC rifle Review.2″ and bullet momentum data from the selection below cartridges excellent... Am the 243 WSSM has also been deadly on elk of an object in motion to stay motion. Influence each other as competition-centric rounds like the 6XC - a ballistic comparison before took... New American rifle Predator in 6.5 Grendel, Mossberg Patriot Predator rifle chambered in the field rounds....243 and 6mm CM rounds wide base that uses it for a round to take a look hunting!

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